2017-2020 Model 3/Y Center Console Cover Kit

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Design principles

Using research from current Tesla owners we learned of specific criteria drivers want for their center console.

  • Ease of installation
  • Exact match to the console shape
  • Non-destructive to the console
  • Minimalistic
  • Environmentally friendly 

Creating three beautiful and protective ABC resin fiber styles, the Model 3/Y console cover comes in a three-color sheet series.

Piano Black

The same glossy LG automotive grade ABS polymer material as the original console, the Piano Black design will protect the original panel from wear and tear.

Matte Black

Though this muted matte texture is soft and calm, it also keeps with the technological feel.

Pearl White

A shimmering white console design unites the interior with simple, clean lines.

Beauty and Protection

The center console cover kit doesn’t just look great, it also protects against fingerprints and scratches, relieving any concerns about permanent damage appearing on unprotected surfaces over time.

Tailor-made to an Original Fit

Cut from a different cloth, the center console cover kit uses 3D laser scanning to create a perfect mold for the panel. No measuring or scissors necessary, the panel is created as a perfect fit to the original car panel.

Size Matters

The center console cover kit is engineered to not hinder the original function of the car.
The curvature is exact and consistent with the original interior, which will not impact the opening and closing of the panel cover at all.

Environmentally Conscious Material

One-piece injection molding is made from a LG automobile grade ABS polymer engineering material. It is a high-precision injection molding that is thin, flexible, environmentally friendly and odorless.

Polished Paint Process

Using a piano paint process just like the original car panels, the surface is polished, painted and UV coated according to the original control panel manufacturing. The end result is a high-end wear resistant panel.

Rounded Sleek Edges

The corners of the panel are rounded, polished and smooth. The edges and corners will not damage the original car or your hands when installed.

Non-destructive Installation—Simple and Seamless

Using 3M adhesive, the bond is stable and has no residue. The panel is attached with a special double-sided tape created for automobiles.

When initially attached, the stickiness is not strong. This is convenient for fixing the panel to align perfectly. After 24 hours, the adhesion will be strengthened creating a solid bond. If the panel needs to be removed, there still will be no glue remaining on the original car panel.

Just align with the edge of the original car panel, and peel off / re-attach as many times as needed if your new panel does not line up perfectly.

With the center console cover kit, you will find yourself customizing the beauty of your car interior at a fraction of the cost with some of the highest-grade materials available.
A unique interior has never looked so good, or been so easy to install.

Tech specs

Product name Model 3/Y Central Console Cover
Compatibility Model 3, Model Y
Material LG automotive grade ABC polymer engineering materials
Color Piano black, Matte black, 
Pearl white
Installation location Center console