2021-2023 Model 3/Y Refresh Center Console Trays

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Each package includes 2 pieces (center console tray and armrest tray.)


Inventive, Simple Design

The latest version gets rid of the complex multi-layer structure, making it simple and practical. A mobile phone bracket provides preferred placement and smart navigation. Storage and charging sections are included.

Center console tray

Armrest tray

ReservedĀ charging hole

Intimate dual-hole design tackles charging problems. The storage box has a reserved charging hole at the bottom, which perfectly fits the Temai charging data cable.

When not in use, the cable stays out of the way but available. User-friendly adaptation especially when combined with the Temai elbow charging cable.

The storage box also houses the cigarette lighter, which does not affect the function of the original car.Ā 

Multi-purpose SpaceĀ 

Using a hierarchical layout, this console reserves space for a cell phone while providing other nooks for appliances and necessities.

Stability and Function Found Here

Large space for stable storage of mobile phones, small space for compact objects.

Easy Access and Increased Use

The depth and length of the console are increased by 20%, and the utilization rate is higher, making this your go-to storage space.

The space of the original car is expanded and the design does not affect the opening and closing of the central control. The storage section allows for necessities to be close at hand.

Velvet Texture with a Purpose

Flocking fabric creates a beautiful and effective surface. Anti-skid and shock proof, the console protects items from bumps and reduces noise.